SUB PACIFIC FILMS is a compilation of expanded cinema and moving image works by Jack Faber.

Jack Faber is a Helsinki-based filmmaker and artistic researcher at The Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki. He is a trans-disciplinary artist, specialising in the transgressions of moving images and film. 
Merging cinematic practice and artistic research, Jack focus on narrative strategies and cultural frameworks which explore their boundaries.

After numerous publication of articles and texts, including two genre-bending novels, Jack focused on creating expanded cinema and site-specific video installations for solo and group exhibitions in galleries, museums and mainly in public spaces. 
His project Watchmen (2005 - 2015) became an international juridical precedent after years of censorship and titled 'a groundbreaking Surveillance Artwork' by press and critics alike. 

From script to screening, Jack develops projects through all stages - initiating original expanded cinema documentaries, producing short fiction, VR and experimental films, while realising commissioned works, together with emerging talents and veteran art and film professionals.

Jack is working toward expanding the definition of cinema creation by any means allowing the exploration of new possibilities, upon and beyond the screen surface.